The Dérma Sponge - Facial Sea Sponge
The Dérma Sponge - Facial Sea Sponge
The Dérma Sponge - Facial Sea Sponge
The Dérma Sponge - Facial Sea Sponge

The Dérma Sponge - Facial Sea Sponge

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The Dérma Sponge (Facial Sea Sponge)

δέρμα <the greek word for face>

Size: 2.5-3 in

Purify your skincare routine with Nisiá's 100 percent natural Mediterranean Silk sea sponges.

The Dérma Sponge is a Mediterranean Silk Sponge imported from Greece. It is the softest of our natural sea sponges, which makes it ideal for gentle facial cleansing and exfoliating sensitive skin to fight acne and remove dirt, makeup and dead skin. Its pores are naturally antibacterial and will not irritate facial skin like washcloths or exfoliating scrubs. This sea sponge for face use offers a natural and less wasteful alternative to makeup removing wipes.

Benefits of Natural Sea Sponges for Cleansing:

  1. Gentle on body skin

  2. Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal

  3. Sustainably harvested

  4. Compostable and biodegradable

  5. 100 percent natural (no additives, synthetic materials, etc.)

  6. Toxin-free

  7. Hypo-allergenic

*Sponges vary in size, shape, and appearance as they are sold in their natural state.*

How to Use
Wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess water so it is damp to touch.
Massage the sponge onto the face in a circular motion, removing makeup, dirt buildup and dry skin. Rinse skin with water and enjoy clean, smooth skin.



Gentle Facial Scrub & Deep Cleansing

Sustainable & Cruelty-Free Silk Facial Sea Sponges


Can I use sea sponge on my face?
Nisiá uses silk sea sponges for facial use. These naturally soft sea sponges are perfect for cleansing and exfoliating delicate and sensitive facial skin.
To use, dampen the sponge with water and drain any excess, then add your favorite facial soap, face wash, toner, or serum. While cleansing your face the sponge will remove makeup and dead skin cells, providing a smooth and silky touch.
Natural sea sponges contain rich minerals that not only cleanse your face but also give your skin the essential minerals needed for a healthy and glowing finish. Make your skincare routine more effective by using the facial sponge with your beauty products.
How do you use the Dérma sea sponge on your face?
Dérma sea sponges are very soft and absorbing. Before using the sea sponge on your face, dampen your sponge so it is soft and silk. Add a drop of liquid soap or rub bar soap on the sponge, then slowly rub it on your face in a circular motion. A facial sponge will remove dirt from your pores and smooth your skin. Minerals found in sea sponges help nourish and maintain healthy skin.
How long will my face sponge last?
Dérma sea sponges can last around one year if cared for properly. Since they have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal functions, natural facial sponges last longer than synthetic sponges that hold onto bacteria and mold. Over time sea sponges will collect dead skin cells and bacteria, so it is recommended that you wash your sea sponge with a gentle cleanser at least once per week and allow it to dry completely after each use. Proper care and cleaning of your sea sponge will make it last longer and prevent it from breaking down naturally.
Should the sea sponge have a unique smell when it arrives?
Many natural sea sponges have a distinct sea smell because they truly come from the ocean. The face sponges are dried on the diving boats, then rinsed with a gentle solution so they are clean and ready for use when they arrive to customers. Rinse before first use and then the natural sea smell will dissolve. The most effective and safe way to care and keep it as new is to wash it after every use. You can also add a drop of a pure and safe essential oil, such as tea tree oil, to enhance the scent of your sea sponge on a weekly basis.
What do I do with my old facial sponge that needs replacement?
Natural sea sponges are a zero-waste product. When you are ready for a new sponge, your old sponge has many uses beyond hygiene and wellness. For example, you can reuse your sponge for cleaning around the house or for DIY crafts. When you are finished with the sponge, cut it up for compost or biodegrade it in soil. The natural sea sponge lasts longer than synthetic sponges, but if you keep an old sponge around for long periods of time, mold and bacteria will thrive. Sea sponges should be replaced every three to four weeks. If you're looking for a soothing facial cleansing, we've got you covered.