How do I care for and store my sponge?
Wash sponge with warm water. Drain out water by squeeing sponge. *Do not wring as this can cause damage to sponge. Store in a dry environment to remove remaining moisture naturally.
What do I do with my old sponge that needs replacement?
Sponges have many uses beyond hygiene and wellness. See our 'Uses' page for ideas on how you can reuse your sponge for cleaning around the house or DIY crafts. When you are finished with the sponge, cut it up for compost or biodegrade in soil.
Are sea sponges plants or animals?
Sea sponges have qualities of both plants and animals. Technically, they are considered animals, but they do not have organs, tissues, or developed nervous, digestive and circulatory systems that are found in other animal species. Sponges are simple multicellular organisms that filter water through their pores to process food.
How long will my sponge last?
Sea sponges can last around one to three years, if cared for properly. Since they have natural antibacterial and anti-fungal functions, natural sponges last longer than synthetic sponges that hold onto bacteria and mold.
Do you ship outside of United States?
At this time, we are only shipping within the USA. Please contact us directly for any orders to Canada.